Looking for a Diverse Speaker?

Looking for a Diverse Speaker?

Looking for a Diverse Speaker?Looking for a Diverse Speaker?Looking for a Diverse Speaker?

Demystifying and Diversifying STEM

 As a STEM Ambassador, CaT Bobino is disrupting the industry with her passionate approach to bring attention to the lack of recognition for women and people of color.


 As an experienced and accomplished STEM professional, CaT Bobino is a prominent advocate for STEM-related careers and education. CaT has dedicated her career to making the STEM fields less mysterious and more accessible to individuals across the world. Through countless appearances on television, radio, and podcasts, CaT is helping to raise awareness for these lucrative fields and programs that give access to those looking to break into a STEM-related career. CaT’s initiative also includes goals for improving diversity in STEM fields and increasing representation for minorities in STEM. A motivated visionary, CaT continues to help improve the world of science and technology with valuable insight and an effective approach to inclusiveness in these fields.

 CaT Bobino built In The Know Consulting by carefully listening to STEM professionals and understanding the need for their voices to be heard.  Through speaking engagements, television, podcasts, and literature, CaT Bobino is changing the perspective in STEM worldwide. Why not join our fast-growing customer base? Get in touch today to learn more about the CaT Bobino - STEM Ambassador story .


Published Author

In The know: setting up your child for the stem world

 In The Know is a guidance book for any adult who seeks help in encouraging the children in their lives to consider STEM careers. STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM professionals are always going to be in high demand, especially since our society depends on them. Everyone is in need of a doctor, someone to fix their technology, sturdy buildings to live in, and people who understand finances. All of these careers begin with STEM, and this book is full of useful information and tips on how to successfully raise a child to go into one of these fields. In The Know offers worksheets for the reader to fill out that coincide with the tips. 

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The possibilites are endless

 Diversity and Inclusion in STEM are at the core of all that CaT Bobino - STEM Ambassador does. Her main goal is finding smart ways of using media that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.