CaT works hard to change the image of STEM

CaT Bobino is bringing the village concept back by working with parents, STEM professionals, and teachers. Ms. Bobino also provide invaluable information to companies on how to demystify and diversify their company.


Opportunities for parents to come together in an intimate setting to learn the basics and opportunities in STEM.


Full day seminars where parents have an opportunity to meet, learn from, and network with STEM teachers and industry professionals.


In The Know - Setting Up Your Child For A STEM Career can be bought here or on Amazon. This is a perfect book for parents as well as teachers.


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About CaT Bobino
CaT Bobino is working hard to increase the number of students interested in STEM. Ms. Bobino is the STEM Ambassador, promoting STEM through television, speaking engagements, teaching, and as a published author.


As a teacher, CaT Bobino has worked in classrooms from elementary schools to college level. Within those walls, Ms. Bobino has taught various subjects in biology as well as financial literacy throughout the Bay Area.


As a Biologist, CaT Bobino has worked with chicken embryos, the Diamondback watersnake, the Burmese python, and many more. As a scientist, Ms. Bobino prefers to work outside in the field with wildlife instead of the laboratory.


As a speaker, she has spoken to various groups on media representation, the importance of mentorship, and creating pipelines within STEM. Through speaking engagements and with her book "In The Know, Setting Up Your Child For the STEM World." Ms. Bobino encourages parents to get involved early with their children in STEM.


CaT Bobino has worked in media for multiple years, She was a participant on the show "Genius" with Stephen Hawking, created programming for local PBS station KQED, she has created her own show called "In The Know with CaT Bobino" on BVAC channel 29, and has a segment on the show "Healthbeat" on KOFY 20. She is currently still filming for the later two shows and is always looking for STEM professionals to tell their story on the show.
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